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Virginia State Beekeepers Association

Comments Please - Virginia's Managed Pollinator Protection Plan

The Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services has drafted Virginia's pollinator protection plan. Beekeepers serving on the agency's Pollinator Protection Plan Advisory Committee are requesting comments from fellow beekeepers in order to provide final stakeholder input on this draft.

The current Plan proposes:

Notification of all known beekeepers with hives within one (1) mile of the application site of all planned pesticide applications as soon as the application is planned and when possible, at least 24 hours in advance of the application.

Utilizing DriftWatch, an online software, as a communication tool to encourage the voluntary exchange of information between beekeepers and landowners, producers and pesticide applicators. The current Plan does NOT include visual identification of hives, for example, the use of a flag or other physical identifier.

Best Management Practices for Maintaining Honey Bee Colonies are included.

Please review Virginia's DRAFT Plan to Mitigate the Risk of Pesticides to Pollinators, one part of the overall managed pollinator protection strategy, and submit your comments to commitee members on this form by June 9th.

This is our chance as beekeepers to contribute to the plan; please read the DRAFT plan and submit your comments by June 9, 2016 for inclusion in the discussion at the June 15 meeting of the Pollinator Protection Plan Advisory Committee.

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