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VSBA Funding Request

VSBA Funding Request (will be brought to membership for a vote on November 7, 2015 meeting)

Katy Ciola Evans of the University of Delaware has requested $1,500 from VSBA to fund her research project, “Evaluation of mid-summer splits on varroa mite reduction and colony productivity.” The money would fund a program organizer to coordinate curriculum development and disseminate the results to participants and the mid-Atlantic beekeeping community.

The project aims to test the effects of mid- summer splits on varroa mite populations; population dynamics (bee population, brood area); and productivity (pollen, nectar and honey quantities) of the hive. A second goal is to conduct a citizen science field study that will test the efficacy of the mid-summer split and its acceptance within the beekeeping community. A long-term goal is to better understand the temporal relationship between varroa mites and honey bees and to establish support in citizen science among beekeepers for future projects.

Find more about the project here: 

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