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New Leadership and Some Changes!

The Spring meeting was incredible. We had some real powerhouse speakers that were both full of information and very entertaining. I do not think many of us will forget the Spring Meeting of 2012, both for the venue and the miraculous scramble that enabled us to secure a new location when the State Fair went into default.

In the meeting, we welcomed new leadership, led by Bill Bundy of Leesburg, and voted on some changes to our by-laws. There will be more on both of these topics in the coming weeks and months, but I wanted to use this post to say thank you to Frank Walker, the VSBA President of the last two years. His enthusiasm for the Honey Bee and the Beekeeper is a true inspiration. To that effect, Frank will be taking on a new role of Master Beekeeper Chair for the VSBA! Welcome back, Frank!

But, with the new leadership comes more enthusiasm and ideas! We will be making a few changes to the Web Site over the coming days and expect to include updates on upcoming meetings and events, as well as making the site a bit more user friendly. We have a good site here, but all sites need a periodic review to keep from becoming stale!

Stay tuned!

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