Giving Life to the Virginia Master Beekeeping Program

One of the many goals of the current VSBA executive committee has long been to energize or 'awaken' a Master Beekeeper's program in Virginia. The number of beekeepers in Virginia is rising at an incredible rate. People are interested (and maybe even concerned) about the plight of the Honey Bee. To that effect, many folks are trying their hands at a honey bee hive or two. The rewards are too numerous to mention, but this increased interest has led to a correspondingly increased interest in more knowledge. How can I better manage my hives? What can I do to help both the hives in my backyard as well as the general well being of honey bees in Virginia?

We have heard the call and are trying to answer it. Today, we are proposing a multi-tiered Master Beekeeping Program (MBP) for Virginia. We are using the experiences from existing MBP's (in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, for example) as well as several other beekeeping experts in Virginia. New beekeepers are joining our ranks at an encouraging rate. They yearn for knowledge and advice. We hope that this program will both help these new beekeepers as well as add to the already considerable knowledge of our current pool of experienced beekeepers.

Check out the new Master Beekeeping tab and give us your feedback!