Virginia Master Beekeeper Program Certified Beekeeper Level

Certified Level Written & Practical Testing
WHEN: Saturday, September 24, 2011
WHERE: Virginia State University; Petersburg VA at Randolph Farm (click here for directions)
TIME: 9 am until 1 pm
COST: $25.00 per student paid in advance (make checks/money order payable to VSBA and they must be received by September 22, 2011)

Pre registration required. Mail completed registration form and payment to F. S. Walker, PO Box 16021, Chesapeake VA 23328. Click here to download the registration form.

Maximum of 25 students.


This test will be open to the first 25 VSBA members who meet the Certified Level testing and knowledge requirements even if they have not taken the Qualified level test. However, members who previously have taken the Qualified level test will be given first priority until this class is full.

Contact VSBA President, Frank S. Walker (e-mail: ) or (757-641-5933) to obtain the Testing Registration form or for any questions.

Certified is the second level for the Master Beekeeper Program. At this level the individual should be functioning as a competent beekeeper with the skills and knowledge for moving into the areas of sideline beekeeping if he/she so desires.

Testing Requirements:
• Must have two (2) years of beekeeping experience beyond the Qualified level and have
managed a minimum three (3) hives.

Knowledge requirements:
• Honey bee and colony biology (swarm cycle, requeening techniques, winter biology, etc)
• Bee diseases and Pests (including mite sampling)
• Honey production, extraction and bottling (including comb honey)
• Virginia honey plants and their bloom cycle
• Basic biology of other stinging insects (wasps, bumblebees, etc)
• Competency in safe handling and use of pesticides
• Africanized honey bee and best management practices
• Must complete six (6) units of public service work in beekeeping
• Must complete at least twelve (12) hours of classroom instruction in advanced beekeeping
• Must pass a written and practical test, including identification of common honey bee diseases
and pests.

At the November 5, 2011 VSBA fall meeting, we will hold the Qualified and Certified level written testing. The practical test will be scheduled on another date and location.