Virginia Master Beekeepers

Congratulations to the VA beekeepers who have successfully passed the Virginia Master Beekeeper program written and practical hive inspection testing. VSBA proudly acknowledges and recognizes each of you as a Virginia Qualified or Virginia Certified Beekeeper. Your accomplishment has not gone unnoticed and we encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise with your local beekeeping association and VSBA. NOTE: A few beekeepers listed have successfully passed the written test and are awaiting an opportunity to be scheduled to complete the practical testing. Once you have completed this testing, VSBA Certificates of Achievement will be presented for each level of certification completed, either at a VSBA conference or your local club.

At this time, the written testing, facilitated by VA State Apiarist, Keith Tignor is conducted at the Spring and Fall VSBA conference. Program questions can be sent to the VSBA Master Beekeeper Program Coordinator via e-mail to:

Click here for an application to the Va Master Beekeeper Program.


Burton, Pam
Eisen, Karla
Freeman, Art
Hall, Ken
Harris, C.E.
Holgersen, Hodgie
Hollen, Fred
Jenner, Jeff
Kenny, Sean
Kist, Paul
Moore, Garrett
Ostrowski, Peter
Tingler, Keith
Tyler, Jones
Schwartz, Bob
Westrich, Andy
Williams, Dale
Zudekoff, Ann


Abate, Tina
Ballard, Lannie
Buss, Glenn
Church, Mike
Clatterbaush, Shane
Eichelberger, Henry
Fauss, Emma
Fennell, Kurt
Fifer, Tom
Fisher, Pam
Fletcher, Keith
FLint, Barry Wayne
Fraser, John
Gallagher, Brian
Gentry, Greg
Hasham, Melchis
Hasham, Terence
Hemsley, Hugh
Hickey, Barbara
Hodge, Paul
Jenner, Fred
Jenner, Jeff
Johnson, Steve
Knight, Patricia
Kvello, David
Lachance, Michael
Lam, Andrew Chet
Link, Laura
Long, Whitney
Manners, Penny
Moore, Julie
Moyer, Wayne A.
Pacia, David
Sauder, Elizabeth
Schonk, John B.
Showalter, Trent
Southerly, Norman
Strickrod, Donna L.
Tabor, Paul A.
Tashjian-Brown, Eva
Taylor, Rudy
Thompson, Dean
Tschantz, Mike
Wernsman, Bob
Williams, Dale
Wright, David
Zaki, Tarik O.
Zwanzig, Adrian