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Virginia State Beekeepers Association

New Insecticide Approved by the EPA

Flupyradifurone was made available to the public as of January for use, primarily as a replacement for neonicotinoid insecticides. The Environmental Protection Agency claims lab studies showed the compounds are nontoxic to adult honeybees, a rarity in early lab tests. Overwintering bees and complete colonies were also tested and monitored and showed no ill effects. Additionally, it meets the, “Reasonable Certainty of No Harm” for Agricultural workers, the environment, wildlife, and youth.

This was the first opportunity for the EPA to test the insecticide under the new required Bee Awareness Monitoring protocol. Four hundred thirty-seven studies with thirty-eight exclusive to bees were conducted to ensure their safety from exposure. Application types used in the studies included foliar, soil injection, and seed treatments. It is a fairly broad spectrum insecticide and can be used on many crops favored by true bugs (Aphids, White Flies, Stink Bugs) all of which are notoriously difficult to control due to resistance.

Check out the EPA’s Pollinator Protection Page for more info on program and pesticides: 

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