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Disease in All Seasons

Researchers at the Agricultural Research Station in Beltsville, Maryland have determined it may be wise to be “disease aware” all times of the year. As Beekeepers, we tend to focus on issues on a “seasonal” basis but new research suggests the potential for disease year round is on the rise.

Two species of bacteria, S. aphis and Spiroplasma melliferum are infecting bees throughout the Eastern United States as well as areas extending into South America. Bees collected from Latin American and the United States last year showed high prevalence of both bacterial species. Not only are they around in the spring, or “high disease potential” time, but year round. These are not new strands, by any means, as they have been in the United States for thirty years but with the pletheria of issues facing and weakening bees, it is worth it the time for keepers to get to know.

Read more about the Bacteria, Potential for Disease, and Possible Negative Outcomes at: 

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